Covering Letter Tips

Covering letters give employers a good indication of the applicants' level of written communication skills.

We at F.GHEEWALA HUMAN RE-SOURCES realize how important, yet time consuming it is to write a separate cover letter for each application, and have devised a few helpful tips to make the task a little easier for you.

Outline for Cover Letter
In the first paragraph it would be advantageous to make reference to the position and your interest.The second paragraph should outline the answers to the advertisement and why you feel you would be a suitable candidate.The third paragraph should expand on your specific achievements that highlight your suitability.The final paragraph should confidently request a response with your contact details.


  • Write a personalized cover letter for each resume that you send out.Make sure that the letter is concise and factual, keeping it to one side of an A4 page.Detail what you can bring to the organization you are applying to.
  • Refer to the job you are applying for, and address any key points that may have been highlighted in the job specification.
  • Show the research that you have done on the company that you are applying to.
  • Make sure that you are addressing the letter to the appropriate person, and that you have used the correct title and spelt the name correctly.Get to the point!

  • Send a standard letter to all companies that you are applying to make any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes - this is a sure fire way for your letter and resume ending up in the garbage.
  • Assume that the covering letter is a waste of time.Do not waffle - getting to the point why you are worth interviewing