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Where is F. Gheewala HR consultancy located?
It is headquartered in Mumbai, but associate offices are present across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
What will be the type of interview? If face-to-face, what is the interview location? If online, on which platform will the interview be taken?
The interview process, either via video conferencing or face-to-face, will be asper the client’s convenience. The candidate will be informed once they are shortlisted.
How much time does the recruiting process take?
It may take days or weeks or even months, sometimes depending on the position and requirements.
When will the candidate hear about the status of their application?
The candidate will receive an email or a call from the HR once shortlisted.
The candidate applied last year and was not selected. Can they re-apply?
Yes, they can re-apply.
What happens to candidates’ applications after FGHRC receives it?
Status of a candidate’s application depends upon the feedback of the client. However, we make sure to notify the applicant once the profile of a candidate is shortlisted.
Whom should the candidate contact if they have more questions about applications or about a particular open position?
They can contact the HR team at FGHRC.
How long should the candidate wait before following up?
If the candidate’s profile matches with the client requirements, they will get a call within a week.  If it isn’t suitable, FGHRC will inform them via email so that they do not keep false hopes with regards to that vacancy. Their CV will be maintained in the company database for future opportunities.
Why should FGHRC be appointed as a preferred overseas recruiter?
An excellent track record of recruiting a huge number of candidates overseas makes FGHRC the preferred choice of overseas recruiters. It has been in the industry for over three decades and it has built good will amongst candidates and clients all over the world.
What are FGHRC’s areas of specialization?
FGHRC holds expertise in Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Hospitality, FMCG & Construction industries.
What parts of the world does FGHRC recruit in?
India, Gulf countries (Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain), Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan and Europe are some of the top countries FGHRC recruits in.
How can the candidate track the status of their application?
The candidate will receive an email or a call from the HR.
What differentiates FGHRC from their competitors?
FGHRC’s efficiency in executing the recruitment process sets them apart in the industry.
Can candidates set up job alerts to find out if a job they might be interested in has become available?
Candidates can visit the website, register themselves on the e-portal & select the suitable vacancies. Whenever the relevant vacancies will be active in future, they will receive an email from FGHRC team. We would recommend all the candidates to follow us on Facebook(link), Instagram(link) & LinkedIn(link) where daily active vacancies are updated. Turn post notification “ON” so that no post is missed.(Social id: ‘F Gheewala Human Resource Consultants’)
If a candidate has previously withdrawn their application, can they be considered for other career opportunities that arise in future?
Yes, the candidate can reapply for any job by emailing their profile on the email id mentioned in the advertisement.
Is there any group of FGHRC for daily updates?
Yes, there is. Please send a Whatsapp on8108108941 to join the group for daily updates.
The candidate has applied but didn't receive any call. What does it mean?
That means their CV is not suitable for the job they applied for. FGHRC team will call them for the jobs available for which their CV is suitable.
How to apply for the jobs mentioned in the advertisements?
They can apply online on our website on which they can upload their CVs & documents. If they want they can update their CV & if they face any difficulty, they can even WhatsApp their updated CV on the number mentioned in the advertisement.